Update on David’s Progress

I wanted to update everyone on David’s progress.  The first thing to know is that David is back on Keppra.  When I wrote the initial blog post, David was weaning off of Keppra.  However, a couple of days after he was completely off, he ended up having several seizures.  His neurologist thought it best to put him back on, so he is currently taking 2mls every 12 hours.  This has brought back some unwanted behavioral side effects, however, they are not nearly as bad as when he was on 10mls every 12 hours, and he seems to be more in control of his emotions these days.  The first couple of weeks were tough, but now he’s calmed down a lot.  Since he started school a couple of weeks ago, his neurologist also suggested adding Vitamin B6 to David’s daily dose of medication.  He’s only been on it for about a week, so we haven’t seen a major difference yet, but we are hopeful.

Currently we are weaning Topamax.  Initially he was on 4 pills every 12 hours, but now he is down to 3 every 12 hours.  On Sunday we will begin 2 pills in the morning, and 3 at night.  Later this month we plan on lessening his dose of phenobarbital as well.


Also, David’s most recent MRI and EEG have been excellent!  No brain atrophy, and his EEG showed no abnormal activity!

Overall, it has been a good start to the school year, and we are looking forward to more great things!

1 comment on “Update on David’s Progress

  1. Tonya Kervin

    Praise God❣
    I’m glad he is doing better. I hope he has a great year school year. We love you David…….💜💜💜


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